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    Growing Up in New Zealand's 12 Year Kōrero or 12 Year Interviews are now underway!  This time around, due to Covid-19, we are mainly carrying out our interviews online, but can arrange to meet you in person if that would suit your family better.  Even if your family is overseas you are still an important part of the study and your contribution is valued. 

    On this page, you can find out more about what to expect when we connect with you again around the time your child is 12-years-old.  We've chosen this age to touch base with you again because this is a critical time in children's development as they are about to become teenagers. 

    We want to learn more about what's important to the children, what they like to do and how they view their place in the world.  

    We're looking forward to touching base with you all and learning more about the Growing Up children and their families and whānau.

    The information you and your child share with us provides valuable insights for researchers and decision-makers to make real changes to improve the lives of all children in Aotearoa-New Zealand. 

    You can read the participant information sheets for parents and caregivers here and children here.

    More information on the 12 Year Kōrero