Initiative to support translation of Growing Up research into policy

Superu Children and Families Research Fund has been launched to assist policy-relevant research using Growing Up in New Zealand external data.

Growing Up in New Zealand Director, Associate Professor Susan Morton has welcomed the initiative saying that since its launch, one of the Growing Up in New Zealand study’s key aims has been to make information from this rich and expanding resource widely available for use in research and policy development to benefit all New Zealand families.

“We expect this funding will widen the research community already utilizing the Growing Up in New Zealand data sets and increase the translation of evidence into policy.

“We value highly the commitment of all the 6,853 children and their families who have established Growing Up in New Zealand as a unique, ongoing resource of information about childhood in contemporary New Zealand.

“The rich longitudinal information from the families has already provided evidence to inform the recent Paid Parental Leave policy changes and to shape the Warrant of Fitness for rental properties, given the high proportion of young children who now grow up in this environment. We have also provided information to inform early identification of children who are vulnerable and suggested changes to the way services are provided to the most vulnerable families from birth. Importantly, we are discovering factors that create resilience in the face of adversity for some vulnerable children; in other words – what is working.

“We remain committed to continued engagement with the whole Growing Up cohort throughout their journey to adulthood. Every one of their voices and stories is unique and the collection of information about the 6853 children’s lives can make a positive difference for all New Zealand families,” said Dr Morton.

Superu Children and Families Research Fund