Now We Are Four report released

The latest report from the Growing Up in New Zealand longitudinal study has just been released.

“Now We Are Four: Describing the preschool years” continues the “Now We Are” series of reports, building on the findings from the “Before We Are Born”, “Now We Are Born” and “Now We Are Two” reports.

The report draws on a number of data collection waves which capture key transitions for the children between the ages of two and four years.

The report provides insight into the health and wellbeing, and social and emotional functioning of New Zealand four-year-olds. It also depicts changes in the children's home environment, participation in early childhood education, household mobility and socioeconomic situation over the first four years of their lives.

Using information from direct observations of the children and interviews with their mothers, the report paints a dynamic picture of what it is like to be a child growing up in 21st in New Zealand.

This Growing Up in New Zealand report was produced by the University of Auckland with Crown Funding managed by Superu.

Now We Are Four: Describing the Preschool Years