Growing Up in New Zealand children hit double digits!


The Growing Up in New Zealand double-digit club is expanding rapidly – as our study participants turn 10!

Here we check in on Evan and William from the Waikato, who have already turned 10 and celebrated the milestone in style.

The twins from the Waikato celebrated their 10th birthday with a family tradition – a trip to Rainbow’s End.

William and Evan’s day of adventure was followed by dollops of Angel Food cake - a special kind of American cake which was a favourite of their American grandfather.

The twins are numbers four and five in their family and live in the country on a lifestyle block.

Their mum, Tiffany, says the boys make the most of life in the country.

“They love working with their big brothers on the creation of a mountain bike paddock on the property,” she says.

They also spend a lot of their time looking after chickens and gathering eggs, as well as stacking wood and raising plants in the greenhouse.  

“They’re definitely making the most of our home.”

William and Evan also love gardening and cooking, and they initiated Enviroschools at their primary school. 

“The school is also now into gardening,” says Tiffany.  “And the boys plan to create a restaurant and work as chefs when they grow up, and they’ll grow their own food.”

Being twins William and Evan are very close.  They are also just beginning to appreciate music.

“If I ask them to clean their rooms, they put the music on while they’re doing it,” she says.

Tiffany says William and Evan feel chuffed to be part of Growing Up in New Zealand and always feel very important when the interviewers come round.

“They understand this study will help people in New Zealand make childhoods better. They know they’re part of something big.”