Children's wellbeing during Covid-19

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A list of helpful websites which may support you and your children to get through the Covid-19 pandemic and self-isolation.

The Covid-19 pandemic means we've all had to adjust our lives in such a dramatic way that it can lead to feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and stress. 

If you or your children are struggling to adapt to the "new normal", you're not alone.  You might like to check out some of the resources below which may help: 

Supporting Children: 

  • The organisation, Emerging Minds, supports child mental health and has compiled this useful resource to help support children during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Read it here.
  • Emerging Minds has also produced this useful video on talking to children about traumatic events and/or worries about the future. View it here.
  • Unicef has pulled together these tips on supporting children through the Covid-19 pandemic: Find them here
  • The Ministry of Health has some tips for parents on helping children to cope with the extra stress that self-isolation may bring.  Read them here. 
  • The World Health Organisation also has a resource sheet on helping children deal with the stress of the pandemic:  Find it here. 


  • The World Health Organisation has also produced this useful resource on Covid-19 parenting: Read it here. 
  • The SKIP website has a page of useful strategies to employ to help you parent during in difficult times: Take a look here
  • NZ psychologist Nigel Latta is posting regular videos on his Facebook page with parenting advice to help you get through self-isolation: Check it out here
  • The Parenting Place also has suggestions for creating a home environment that helps children remain calm and content: Take a look here


  • The Ministry of Education has some useful advice on helping children and young people while schools are closed and they are learning from home: Read it here. 

Parent's mental health: 

  • The Mental Health Foundation has some great tips for adults to help them get through the Covid-19 pandemic: Find them here.
  • The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has this suggestions to manage stress during Covid-19 self-isolation: Read them here. 
  • Lifeline NZ has put together this toolkit of strategies to manage anxiety during self-isolation: Take a look here.