Published Articles - Societal Context and Neighbourhood Environment

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MSD Reports:

  • Marks E J, Somerville-Ryan M, Walker C, Devlin M, Chen R, Atatoa Carr P E, Berry S, Smith A and Morton S M B. (2021). Impact of family housing and income journeys on preschool child health and wellbeing. Wellington: Ministry of Social Development. 
  • Morton, S., Lai, H., Walker, C., Cha, J., Smith, A., Marks, E., & Pillai, P. (2020). Keeping our children warm and dry: Evidence from Growing Up in New Zealand. BRANZ. ISBN: 2423-0839  
  • Stewart, T., Duncan, S., Walker, C., Berry, S., & Schofield, G, (2019). Effects of screen time on preschool health and development. Wellington, NZ: Ministry of Social Development. ISBN: 978-1-98-854155-6 
  • Walsh M., Joyce S., Maloney T., & Vaithianathan R. (2019). Protective factors of children families at highest risk of adverse childhood experiences: An analysis of children and families in the Growing up in New Zealand data who “beat the odds”. Wellington, NZ: Ministry of Social Development.  ISBN: 978-1-98-854158-7 
  • Dominick, C. (2018). Association of material hardship with maternal and child outcomes. Wellington, NZ: Ministry of Social Development. ISBN: 978-1-98-854147-1

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