Growing Up Reports

Growing Up in New Zealand regularly releases comprehensive reports based on information collected at key milestones for our cohort children.  You can read our reports below. 

We also publish reports on policy-relevant topics such as vulnerability and residential mobility.  You can read these here.

Researchers also regularly publish papers using information collected by Growing Up in New Zealand.  You can read some of this work here.

Now We Are Eight: Life in Middle Childhood

Cover of Now We Are Eight Report

Report 9 — November 2020

This report explores the lives of the children at eight years of age and provides an insight into children's emerging sense of culture and identity and how they connect with their families and the wider world. It is the first report to feature the voices of the children as they were interviewed directly for the first time. 

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Transition to school


Report 8 — June 2018

This report explores the nature and impact of the transition to formal schooling for the Growing Up in New Zealand cohort. The transition to formal schooling is a significant milestone and this report helps further our understanding about how to facilitate positive school experiences for all children. 

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Now We Are Four — Describing the Preschool Years


Report 7 — May 2017

This report provides insight into the health and wellbeing, and social and emotional functioning of New Zealand four-year-olds. The report also depicts changes in the children's home environment, participation in early childhood education, household mobility and socioeconomic situation over the first four years of their lives.

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Transitions in exposure to vulnerability in the first 1,000 days of life


Report 6 — Vulnerability Report 2 — July 2015

This second report on vulnerability explores children’s transitions in and out of vulnerable states and describes the impact of persistent and changing vulnerability on children’s health and behavioural development in their first 1,000 days of life.

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Moving house in the first 1,000 days


Report 5 — Residential Mobility Report 1 — December 2014

This report describes how often and how far New Zealand children are moving in the early years of their lives. It identifies some of the ethnic, demographic, family characteristics and types of housing tenure associated with high levels of mobility.

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Exploring the definition of vulnerability for children in their first 1,000 days


Report 4 — Vulnerability Report 1 — July 2014

This report evaluates how commonly New Zealand children experience twelve family and environmental risk factors that have previously been shown to increase the chances that children will have poor developmental outcomes.

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Now We Are Two — Describing our First 1,000 days


Report 3 — June 2014

This report provides insight into the physical health and development, emotional and behavioural well-being, and cognitive development of New Zealand two-year-olds. The report also depicts changes in the children's home environment, childcare arrangements and socioeconomic situation over the first two years of their lives.

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Now We Are Born


Report 2 — March 2012

The report delivers details about the beginning of the children's journeys, in the context of their families and their wider environments. The children are not yet one year old, but already their developmental pathways are being established. 

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Before We Are Born


Report 1 — November 2010

The data in this report generates insights not only into the hopes, dreams and realities faced by soon-to-be-parents, but also into the increasing diversity of our families, and their children who are very different from those of previous generations, and vastly different from those families involved in earlier longitudinal studies undertaken in New Zealand.

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